For side & back sleepers who have a petite to medium frame
    Contoured Range

With optional neck support heights of the front and back edge rolls, this "Low Profile" pillow is overall 2.5cms (1") lower than the companion "High Profile" pillow.

This lower contour should best suit smaller framed people who sleep on their side, or most people who sleep on their back. With your head in the contour and your neck positioned on the raised edge roll you are provided with the best therapeutic support and with the ideal posture for correct spinal alignment.

For smaller framed people or those who usually sleep on their back. Different heights(12cms and 11cms) of the two raised sides, provide optional contours for the most comfortable neck and head position with the spine correctly aligned and supported. Recommended by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

Complete with zip off cotton japara quilted cover. Approximate pillow size 37cms x 62 cms. Individually moulded from miracle individu

Denton's Low Profile Pillow

    Aligned Sports Therapy