Basic Bike Fit

The basic bike fit does not include a thorough postural analysis off the bike, assessment of injuries or corrective exercise prescription.
It is suited to those who are not currently suffering significant pain or discomfort on the bike.
At times, the basic fit may be used for a cyclist who has a medical referral to us from an appropriate healthcare professional outlining the details of your current injuries. A
basic bike fit will take 60 minutes.

Step 1. Interview

The fit session begins with private one-on-one consultation with a practitioner to discuss concerns, patient history and establish treatment goals. 

Step 2. On Bike Assessment

You will spend a large portion of the consultation riding your bike on a trainer. You will be viewed, and measured as you ride appropriate position changes are made to your riding position.

Step 3. Reports

After you leave your bike fit session we will create a detailed report of your bike fit including current positioning chart important notes from your session.

Step 8. Follow-up

A Bike Fit is not a simple one-off appointment. We understand that your body and bike both change with time, therefore we recommend booking in for a check-up appointment once a year or whenever you change bike, equipment or are suffering from an injury.
Sports Therapy appointments may also be recommended to work on musculoskeletal conditions.


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