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What do I bring to my bike fit?

If you are coming in for a professional bike fit, there are a few things that you need to bring with you.

1. Your bike. Even if you are coming in for a pre-purchase bike-fit, it is useful for me to see you riding your existing bike to get a better understanding of the riding position your body is used to, and how differently things will feel on your new perfectly fitting bike.

2. Your cycling kit. On the day of your fit, bring along the normal clothing that you will wear when you ride. If you are planning to ride in lycra, bring your kit. If you are going to be riding around town in jeans and a pair of VANS, that's fine too.

3. A bidon. You will spend a fair amount of time throughout your fit sitting on your bike. Starting pedalling, stopping pedalling, hopping on and off, it will feel like a bit of an interval session so you will get thirsty.

4. A snack. If you are booked in for a Clinical Fit at the end of the day you might get a little peckish. Feel free to bring along a snack to to eat. Our clinic is tucked between The Village Bakery and Melba's Food-hall where there are plenty of food and drink options available.

5. Medical Referrals and Imaging Reports. If you are receiving treatment from an allied health or medical professional that may affect your bike fit, please bring along or forward your referral or laboratory results to info@alignedsportstherapy.com.au

6. Bike Components. If you have any bike components that you have used previously or you think we might be able to use during your fit, please bring them along on the day. Even saddles that you didn't find comfortable can be useful for us to consider.



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