What to Expect at Your Bike Fit

Bike Fitting

Chris has fitting cyclists to their bikes since 2006. Initially trained in bike fit through Cycling Australia, Chris has undertaken further training in health science and sports therapy to develop a deeper understanding of how bikes and bodies interact. 
There are different fit options available for different types of cyclist, but the underlying goal of each fit remains the same.
Finding the perfect balance between;

Comfort - Power - Efficiency - Injury prevention - Bike handling and Aesthetics.

Fits are available for road bikes, commuter bikes, triathlon and cross-country mountain bikes.

If you are considering buying a new bike and would like some guidance, pre-purchase fits are also available.

Clinical Bike Fit

Leave no stone unturned.

Our most comprehensive and popular bike fit.

The Clinical Bike-Fit is designed to help establish the best riding position on your bike, promoting efficiency, comfort, as well as injury prevention. 

This fit comprehensively assesses the cyclist both on and off the bike and is suited to serious cyclists and those suffering pain or discomfort.

Clinical fits are conducted using a range of tools and techniques, such as pedal stroke power analysis and video captured motion analysis. 

The Process

  1. In-depth interview

  2. Postural assessment

  3. Orthopedic assessments

  4. Motion capture analysis

  5. Pedal stroke assessment

  6. Treatment or exercise prescription

  7. In-depth reports, referrals and recommendations

  8. Post-fit follow-up if required.

Cost $385
Private health rebates may apply for a portion of clinical fits.

Basic Bike Fit

A brief bike fit.

Suited to recreational riders not suffering from pain or discomfort.

The basic bike fit does not include a thorough postural analysis off the bike, assessment of injuries or corrective exercise prescription.

It is suited to those who are not currently suffering significant pain or discomfort on the bike.
At times, the basic fit may be used for a cyclist who has a medical referral to us from an appropriate healthcare professional outlining the details of your current injuries. A
basic bike fit will take 60 minutes.

The Process

  1. Interview

  2. On-bike assessment

  3. Brief Report

  4. Follow-up

Cost $275

Basic fits are not available for triathlon or time-trial  bikes (see clinical fit)

Check-Up Fit

Your annual check-up

Because bikes and bodies change over time.

Check-ups are for our existing bike fit clients.
You may have a new bike or equipment that influences your fit or your body may have changed sue to fitness or injury.
Check-ups generally take approximately one hour.

Cost $185

This fit is only available to clients who have previously had a clinical or basic fit.


Frame Design

Custom road frame design



A tailor-made bicycle is something truly special. Over the years Chris has worked with a number of frame builders to help design custom bicycle frames for riders in Australia.

The Process

The process is similar to that of our Clinical Bike Fit. In the interview we will discuss what you are looking for in your custom bike. Comfort, Handling, Aesthetics and Performance will all be factored into your frame design.

Chris is happy to work with any frame builder who needs a rider measured up for a custom bike.
Builders he has worked with in the past include.

Duratec  (CZE) - Thylacine (AUS) Scapin (ITA) DeRosa (ITA) Legend (ITA) - Parlee  (USA)

Cost $550 - $800

Please contact Chris directly for all frame design enquiries.