• Chris Steffanoni

Are you moving enough?

We all know that staying active is vital for our health and wellbeing. But in stressful times like a pandemic, many people struggle to find the motivation to move. Regular routines have been interrupted, people are in lockdown, and it might not be possible to participate in our usual activities.

Setting some simple activity goals can be a helpful step to get you back into a routine.

The Australian Physical Activity Guidelines are a great place to start. They may seem very basic to anyone who has exercised regularly in the past, but the reality is, most Australians don't exercise enough to meet the guidelines.

So what are the guidelines?

Adults should preferably be active every day and aim for at least 2.5 - 5 hours of moderate activity per week. Activities like cycling, swimming and walking are great places to start. In addition, everyone should complete some strength exercises at least twice per week, including weight training and bodyweight exercises like pushups or things like pilates.

For pregnant women, pelvic floor exercise should be included in their routine and adults 65 and over should focus on incorporating balance and flexibility exercises into their routine.

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