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Bike Fit Literature

Updated: Apr 6

For those interested in the science of bike fitting, here is a list of research articles that I am compiling. For full access to articles, consider joining the Clearinghouse for Sport.





Main Points

​Cycling Biomechanics Optimization-the (R) Evolution of Bike Fitting

​Swart, Jeroen

Holliday, Wendy


- Training load and flexibility affect cycling position and performance.

- Bike fitting should be dynamic and functional.

A Dynamic Approach to Cycling Biomechanics

​Swart, Jeroen

Holliday, Wendy


- Joint kinematics change with intensity and fatigue.

- Increasing hamstring flexibility is associated with improved aerodynamics and power.

Unique Concerns of the Woman Cyclist

Rozanne M. Puleo et al.


​- Bike design specific for women is controversial; optimizing the bike fit to the rider is of greater value for injury reduction, comfort, and safety.

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