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My Story, So Far

People often ask me how I ended up working as a sports therapist and nutritionist. My interest in sports injuries and performance reflects many years as a passionate athlete and a coach. I spent my early twenties road cycling at an elite level in Australia and the United States. In 2006 my focus shifted from racing to coaching and professional bike fitting, and I began working with many cyclists who were injured or returning to sport. In about 2010, I made the call to return to study to learn more about sports science and injuries. The next five years were spent at The Australian College of Sports Therapy, where I learned the ins and outs in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries. I thoroughly enjoyed the clinical components of the course, so I made the call to start working as a clinical sports therapist in private practice.

Instead of just working with professional sportspeople, I now enjoy treating patients from a wide range of backgrounds, including young kids and the elderly. People come to me with a variety of complaints such as foot pain, clicky knees or headaches.

As a sports therapist, I am trained to specialize in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunction. Sports therapists and clinical myotherapist sit somewhere between a remedial massage therapist, an osteopath, exercise physiologist and a physio.

In 2017 I returned to study again to complete a Health Science degree in complementary medicine. Majoring in nutrition and pain management, I graduated in 2019 with distinction and am now registered as a nutritionist with the Australian Natural Therapists Association.

Today I enjoy working with a great team of allied health professionals at Liberty Health & Happiness in Gisborne , and Ideal Physiotherapy in Brunswick West. I feel privileged to be in a position to help care for members of these communities.

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